Friday, January 28, 2011

New Self Help Book that uses a business plan for Life

Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery by Fatmata Tarawalley is a book that teaches us how to move our lives in the right direction using a simple business plan structure

GAITHERSBURG, MARYLAND – Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery, a new book by Fatmata Tarawalley, promotes the ideas that each and every one of us has the abilities to run our own lives. All we have to do is pick the correct business structure that fit what we envision for our lives.

When author Fatmata Tarawalley looks around she see a lot of people giving up on themselves. Based on her heritage and experiences and the experiences of those around her the idea for her stunning new book was born. In Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery, Tarawalley shows all the many different paths an individual can take to become successful in whatever they do and remember that they are a “Work in Progress” (WIP).

Filled with wonderful examples and a warm, inviting text, Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery is as educational as it is inspiring. It showcases the fact that every one are strong, smart, unique, and worthy of respect and it emphasizes the human spirit. Everyone will be enlightened by Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery.

For more information or to request a free review copy, please contact the author at Walking Our Talk: The Ultimate Guide to Self-Discovery is available for sale online at,, and through additional wholesale and retail channels worldwide.

About the Author
Fatmata Tarawalley was born in Liberia and attended high school and University in the United States. She is a billing analyst of a prominent law firm in Washington, D.C. Currently, she lives in Montgomery County, Maryland.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Dear Mr. President

President Barack Obama
1600 Penn Ave, MW
Washington DC 20500
A Voice From Main Street

Dear President Barack Obama,

Good afternoon Mr. President, my name is Fatmata and I am one of the people you talk about from Main Street USA. I am writing to give my opinion on the current state of the economy. I hold no degree in business but I at this junction it does not matter. I think Main Street USA solution might be betters then these so called business experts. Main Street USA understands the pain and heartache of this economy so they desire to be heard and consulted more regarding the state of the economy.

Mr. President, these so called experts that administration and congress keep consulting don’t truly understand the economic pain because at this point they are not scarifying anything. Most of them stay live in their multi-million dollar homes, driving the fancy cars and traveling like rock stars. These are some of the same people that brought the economy to where it at right now. We need a different approach and maybe the masses needed to be more involved in this process. We need to brainstorm aloud. Here’s my suggestion to improve the economy. It might be basic but it a start.

Mr. President, before we hand out money to companies like Citigroup, AIG, Ford, GMC, and other financial institutions or auto makers we should get
1) A business plan
2) Have them agreed to limit on CEO pay and perks (in whatever form they come in)
3) Limit unnecessary expenses (ex. Commercial airline, drive the own cars, etc)
4) Have a government overseer
5) Monitor business spending to make sure it does not co-mingling with personal expenses
6) Monitor the board members (make sure election are done properly)
7) Establish ethical rule of engagement because these when out the windows
8) Direct where the money should be spend and how (government money)
9) Have date for repayment of government loan

If after all these are done and the businesses cannot survive we should let them fail or structure safe buyout. We cannot keep wasting tax payer money on these companies that don’t truly have a plan to restructure themselves into profitable companies.

Second Mr. President, you keep referring to Main Street USA but I don’t see any relieve for us. I personally think the payroll break is a waste of time. I think the amounts of money given to these financial institutions were given to homeowners and the unemployed we might be at a better place for less money. These homeowners would have paid their mortgage instead of waiting for these institutions to restructure loans. I think Main Street USA spending will move this economy further than given it to these institutions. All these CEOs of these companies are going to do is find a way to make their families and network of friends and businesses richer.

Mr. President, thus far Main Street USA is one hundred percent behind you but if we don’t see any tangible relieve we might look else. I sometime wish we had a parliamentary system that would have allowed us to dissolve congress and start over. I just wish we could return to what the forefather had in mind when they created congress. They were to serve a limited time and return to their private life. If we had that we might be in a better place now.

Mr. President, we will be patient with you because this situation was inherited but if you keep depending on the Elite (Experts, Lobbyists, etc) that don’t understand the pain of the masses, our patient will run out sooner than later. Our voice should count and should be taken seriously because it only us that are suffering the bulk of the economic woes.

I wish you and your team best of luck because we all depend on it. Unlike others that wish your failure, Main Street USA wishes you success. Hopefully, your administration success will be Main Street USA success.

A person from Main Street USA

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

How 2009 is shaping up

The year is starting in the right direction. I spent the New Year @ home because I was not willing to shell out any money. I am getting frugal as I aged haha. My dog Mr. Whisper and I were sleeping before the ball drop. I got a lot of calls and text messaging that night and early morning. My family back in Liberia was excited to have woken me up.

I had to work the next day but it was cool. We had causal Friday and food was provided. I am grateful to have a job. There was not much to do at work. I spent the rest of the evening @ home.

I have to confess because I did something somewhat mean. I back out of a dinner date. I did not feel like going anywhere so I asked if we could do brunch instead of dinner. I knew this person will not like that idea so I suggested it and it worked. I technically did not lie.

On Sunday, I met up with some friends from Young Adult in DC and had a great time. I reunited with some old pals and met some new and interesting people. I also learned how to make a s’more. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world. It was nice and couple of people helped me roast my marshmallows. This actually made me feel like going camping.

That thought only lasted a minute because we African don’t go camping. I’m just kidding about African not camping because some do. After that, I left and hopped on the train to head back home. The weather was perfect although the guessologist (meteorologists) indicated otherwise.
I hope second week flow in the positive direction. Have a wonderful week.
Peace out for now.

Thursday, January 1, 2009


I am extremely grateful to be part of 2009. I don't have much to say today because there several people wishing to be part of 2009 that did not live to see it.

I found something funny minutes before we enter the new year, instead of receiving lots of calls instead I got lots of text messages and I found myself doing the same thing. I am a people person and the idea of text messaging make me a little sad. I love to hear people voice.

I am going to do my best to be more outgoing, nice, peaceful, caring, loving and happy. I'm hoping for a better economy so people out of work can gain their career back. I hope to make Obama's motto that "Yes we can" my motto (Yes, I can) for 2009 and beyond.

Thinks positive during those difficult times and you will find your way out. Life will always have it bumps and sometime major bumps but there is always a light at the end of tunnel. Visualize the light and when it comes close, walk right through it to the other side.

Have a wonderful and bless 2009. May God keep us all safe throughout the year and beyond.

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Divide and Conquer (Rule)

Divide and Conquer (Rule)
Dissecting the Middle East and Africa
Divide and conquer is an extremely interesting theory. In Politic and sociology, according to Wikipedia, “is combination of political, military and economic strategy of gaining and maintaining power by breaking up larger concentrations of power into chunks that individually have less power than the one implementing the strategy.” This is as simple as it gets. To truly understand this theory look no further than to the Middle East and Africa.

The Middle East and Africa are continents that are in constant flux. Here are two continents with massive amount of natural resources but are not united. These continents have natural resources from Oil, Diamond, Gold, Bauxite, Cocoa, Coffee, Iron Ore, Cotton, and Livestock to name a few. Most of these resources do not benefit population but instead they are export to other countries. I find it ironic because two continents with all these natural resources are consider third world countries. How did these early civilization take a step back in their evolution?

The first know civilization is the Mesopotamia (an area around the Tigris-Euphrates River). This area is present day Iraq, Syria, Turkey and Iran. According to Wikipedia it was know as the cradle of civilization. This part of the Middle East had a complex civilization that included language, writing, science, technology, government, religion, economy, culture, ritual and they celebrated life through massive feasts, festivals and holidays. Presently, these countries look like they are just discovering civilization.

Africa also had a several well develop civilization. We had the Ancient Egypt, Ghana, Kush, Mali, Songhay, etc. Ancient Egypt is the first known civilization in Africa. It ran along the Nile River. This was a civilization that adapted to the condition of Nile River Valley. According to Wikipedia, it’s achievement where in mathematic, quarrying, surveying, and construction techniques. Ancient Egypt legacy was in the arts and architectures. Some of these wonders are the pyramids, temples, libraries, and literatures. They also created a practical and effective system of medicine. Except for the arts, literatures, and architectures, current day Egypt is far from its Ancient form.

So what went wrong with these two continents? We know that Empire rises and Fall. In every civilization that has fail is due to some form of greed. Take Ancient Egypt for example, their need to expand their borders to show its power and might was the catalyst for its fall. The more land they acquired the more power they gain over new population, wealth, and military. The problem with over extending is that it decentralized absolute power. The invasion of other culture leads to another problem. Lack of first hand knowledge of these cultures begins to undermine the authority of the invader. History keeps repeating itself because we don’t seem to have learned from it.

Can these two continents every gain the glory once created by their ancestors? Yes, they can but must take major steps outline below. Unity is the key to success. United we stand divide we fall which is basically divide and conquer. If we are united as people no want can divide us and without division, no want can conquer us. The Middle East and Africa needs to:

· Create Accountability
· Transparency
· Educate the massive (Public Education for all)
· Eliminate barbaric rules and laws
· Use their natural resources to build up their infrastructure and economy
· Country Wealth are not passed down through birth
· Stop manipulating your population by playing on their differences
(Religion, Ethnicity, and Class structure)
· Freedom of movement without harassment or demanding of bribes
· Open and Fair Election
· No one Above the Lord (not even Royalty or Presidents)
· Strong Criminal justice System
· Need leaders that are looking out for all and Not just for themselves
· Create a Lobby System (don’t allow corruption)

Implementing above list will point them in the right directions. We should take care of own before we reach out to others. If these continents had these things in place most of it population will remind within their own border instead of seeking it else where. We can create save environment that foster development and advancement that we can all marvelous at and have our children pride off. Our ancestor will smile in their grave to know that their hard work did not go in vain.

The best way to eliminate the divide and conquer theory is to remember that you are one people unity for a cause. It does not matter that you are Iraqi or Iranian the fact is that you’re from the Middle East make you brothers/sisters. It also should not matter that you’re Liberian or South African because you too are African first. We should look for what connect us rather than what make us different. Remember before there were civilization in Europe, the Middle East and African had it.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The New Horizon

I am somewhat sad to say goodbye to 2008. This year had it ups and downs but it was a learning time. Now it’s the time again to make resolutions to usher in the New Year. This should be a gift to us all. This allows us to clean our slate and start afresh.

A new horizon is upon us, are you ready to start over? What are some of the things that went wrong in 2008. Could they be corrected in 2009? Don’t set unrealistic goals because that defeats the purpose of a new start.

I sometime hear people setting goals that are so unrealistic that I wonder if they are out to sabotage themselves in the upcoming year. A goal should be something obtainable yet set high. There should be short terms goals and long terms goals.

As we achieve things we gain more confident to press on. Start with some silly vice that can be easily achieved and then move forward to harder goals. I really thing a person should only have 1 to 5 resolutions for the upcoming years.

As for me, I don’t like to set resolutions. I like to plan to eliminate negativity out of my life and bring in more positive influences. This approach eliminates stress and the pressure to fulfill some resolutions. This upcoming year’s goals are:

1. Eliminate the need to overreact (basically calm down).
2. Become more outgoing
3. Eliminate my last credit debt (I can see the light @ end of the tunnel)
4. More personal saving outside of 401k
5. Rehab more homes
6. Everything else will be determined as we go along thru the year.
So what are some of your goals for 2009?

A new year is the perfect time for a rebirth. I love these words below. You can take it and add you own flavor to them.

Renewing, refreshing, cleaning, do over, horizon, rebirth, positive, start over, reframing, peace, love, happiness, joy, sunshine, family, friends, growing, planting, blossoming, future, planning, living, traveling, cuddling, surviving, enjoying, togetherness

Monday, December 29, 2008

A Reflection of 2008

A new horizon is upon us. Forget about the sadness, remember the goodness of 2008. In the remaining days of 2008, take stock of where you’re in your life. What were some of the improvement this year. In what way did you become a better person? Will your parents be proud of your accomplishments but especially are you proud of them. Is there something you could change about your behavior, attitude, or your outlook on life? What has happened, did you learn anything from them?

Things will happen to us with our without our permission. It’s what we do in those moments that determine our character. We might not always be a winner but what we've learned from not winning is more important than winning. Take a trip through the lens of my camera.

This year was a learning experience for me. The year started out crazy. I began the New Year with tenant issues at my investment that ended up in court. I was extremely stressed out by the entire episode, but I was not going to give in. I went through court drama and eventually the tenant moved out. I learned that I love rehabbing property but I am not made to be a landlord. I sold the property and walked away with a good return. My next project will be flipping property.

Next, the doctor thought I might have cancer. I never thought in a million years that I will hear those words. I got so scared I did not want to have the necessary procedure. Crazy thought started to run through my head. If I had cancer will everything change? How long will this doctor tell me I have to live? What have I accomplished? Will God be pleased with me? I am grateful to say that the test came back negative. I learned to put my health first and take better care of my body.
2008, was not all bad. I started my online store Jorkey Kiddie Bontique ( It’s an organic clothing business for baby and toddler. It started out well but became a little slow. I understand because of where the economic is right now. Organic clothing is expensive. I’m in the progress of reevaluating the direction of the business. Do I stay green? Or do I close the business. I love the idea of selling and making creative items for children. I hope to figure this out before the New Year. I know God will direct me in the right direction.

I am grateful to have the families and friends that I associate with. I am not financially rich but I have people that care for me and stand by me. Some of my family and friends are here in the United States with me but most of them are in Liberia, Sierra Leone and the Ivory Coast. They might not be near but they love and care for me as I do for them. Don’t get me wrong they get on my nerves sometimes but I know I get on their nerves too. The fact is that we love each other.

I am grateful to have a job. There are many people out there that are looking for a job and need one. I count my lucky stars everyday. I know God is protecting my job because he knows a lot of people depend on my mother and me for their survival.

Love seems to elude me. I don’t have the touch when it comes to this aspect of life. I’m not willing to compromise my value for the sake of love. These are values my parents instill in me and they are not up for negotiation. I believe in God, family, respect, and kindness to others. It’s fine to have money but without a higher power nothing is possible. Everybody is so interested in what other do for a living, what kind of car they drive and where they live. We forget to ask basic questions like how’s your relationship with God, family and friends. Do you show kindness to the less fortunate? I know there is someone out there for me. He’s not Mr. Right because I don’t believe in that Disney fantasy. I'm looking for a human being with flaw but embodies my values. I'm also looking toward 2009 and make improvements. I hope to contribute some more toward humanity.